Friday, July 04, 2008

Chocaholics ahoy!

The fabulous Koko Black's famous Royal Arcade shop is currently closed for renovations. But do not despair, chocolate lovers! They have a spanking new shop in Collins St (at the posh end), as well as the ones in Lygon St, Camberwell and Chaddy.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case you're in Melbourne and in serious need of some chocolate therapy. (Hint to all the girls coming down next weekend for the All Females.....)

I thoroughly recommend the hot chocolate, the truffles (including the chilli ones, and especially the champagne ones), just about anything from the glass-fronted case and...oh...pretty much everything on the sit-down menu. Ah, what the hell - just buy one of everything!

Take note, Sara - we are SO going there when you come over, so make room in your schedule. We may have to check out every shop, strictly as a quality control measure, you understand.... Hmm, you better set aside a week. There's some serious taste-testing required.


ss2306 said...

You are one wicked chick and I love you!

Jadey said...

In an aboslute rush but on a rare occassion I was in the city I dropped in a couple of weekends ago to find the same thing. So I dutifully RACED up collins street only to find it's closed on sundays. Don't get caught out!

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