Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming up for air

I've been flat out this week, getting my tax stuff all in order (ugh!), dealing with what seems to be an early Spring rush of online training enquiries, training my one on one clients, and doing all the usual admin "stuff". Plus running kids around, and trying to stay on top of the housework (which is a losing battle). Bike Boy has headed off on another interstate business trip, and things are moving slo-o-owly with the house building.

Amongst all that, I'm still hitting the gym daily and prepping my food, and things are tracking well on the fat loss front, as the big day looms ever closer. So there hasn't been a lot of time to spare. I could blog if I slept less.....but I doubt I'd survive on less sleep than I'm getting.

Got more to say, but I need to cook dinner, nag the kids to wash the dishes, answer emails, pack food for tomorrow and hopefully squeeze in an hour in front of the TV - I think House is on tonight? It is Wednesday today, isn't it?


ss2306 said...

Can you breathe for me too. This week's been crazy!

Debstar said...

If I could I'd do what the bystanders do on the Tour De France and give you a jolly good push. The Pyrannese won't go on forever.

Go Kek!!!

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