Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was trying to watch some of Le Tour, and struggling to keep my eyes open, so I decided it was time for bed. Of course, I had to shut down my trusty notebook first - and before I do that, I have to do a quick check around various blogs and websites (because I wouldn't want to miss something important...).

That's when I discovered that my 15 minutes of fame has commenced.

...and of course, dearest sponsor, I am taking my L-glutamine religiously, and it most definitely is top quality stuff. :o)


Raechelle said...

You go girl!!!

Sue said...

Fantastic Kerryn, you rock

Sara said...

ha! We only put that up about 30 minutes ago so you are very onto it! Actually we are not happy with the way it all looks, so there will be some serious re-design going on in the next week or so. At least YOU look cute.

Debstar said...

Oh, you were there? I couldn't get past the 6 pack at the very top.

Kek said...

Ha! Funny, Deb.

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