Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get a grip! ...and cooking as therapy.

I think I reached meltdown point today. I got angry over the kids' bickering this morning. Then I got angry over traffic delays. Then I got REALLY angry over some poorly organised road works. My head didn't actually explode, but I thought it might.

So after I dropped The Baby off at school, I decided I needed to calm the hell down. So I stopped at the shops, bought the paper, visited the amenities (because after all, it was at least 20 minutes since I last went...), got back in the car and took several deep breaths before continuing on my way. And I found myself getting angry again because I was so late and the traffic was so bad and GAH!! I started to get all teary.

Pulling a sickie started to look really attractive. I could turn around and just go back to bed... but I'd arranged to do the lunchtime park cardio thing with my colleague, and didn't want to let him down. *sigh* So I continued on my way.

The day ended up OK. Food was all to plan. I did my weights workout first thing this morning, 30 minutes of crazy cardio at lunchtime, and then 40 minutes on the spin bike when I got home.

So I was in my pjs at 6:00pm, so what? Emails have not been answered (if you're waiting on a reply, sorry - tomorrow, I promise), the kids only got dinner because Bike Boy cooked a dish of lasagne before he went away, and I must have looked like I was about to snap, because Number One Son did the dishes. Without being asked.

Tomorrow I'm sleeping till 7:00, and apart from doing the school drop-off, I'm going nowhere. Definitely nowhere near road construction workers who couldn't organise a shag in a brothel. And there will be napping. Definitely napping.


I just made a batch of Sara's awesome vanilla chai pruffins. I kind of improvised just a bit - left out the guar gum because I didn't have any, and then added some extra chai-ness by steeping a vanilla-chai teabag in boiling water, which I substituted for the plain water.

They look and smell GREAT. And they contain tofu - finally, I found a way I can eat that stuff!


Unknown said...

Good on you for just getting on with it!

You're a champ!

I hate roadworks- there are some really bad ones on footscray road (the way to work) at the moment! Grrr!

:) said...

Awwwwwww kekky baby :( We are living parallel lives... except yours is multiplied as you have a family to worry about! I admire you.
It's an all-about-you day today. Stay in your jammies alll day, do lots of sleeping, and whatever else helps you chill out :)

Kathryn said...

Traffic delays are so annoying! We've got all kinds of roadworks going on in our street atm and it took me forever just to get my car a block to get serviced! Good on you for going to work... it must have been so tempting to not go.

SeLiNa said...

Hey that was me that :) comment!
Oops, logged in under wrong a/c :P

Kek said...

Yeah I knew that was you.... Ditz!!

Michelle said...

I'll join in your parrallel life thing! I've got back from my morning cardio and headed to work in the exact same state. I even called the sick day for napping once. it was FANTASTIC. Hooray for naps.
It's amazing how sensitive your body is to sleep when your prepping, I note down my sleep hours every day now and relate it back to mood and training in my logs.

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