Thursday, July 03, 2008


Got a new weights program this week. Can you say O.U.C.H?

Gotta run right now, but I'll blog about it later. Because I know Liz will be disappointed if I don't whinge at least a little....


P.S. (no, I haven't gone yet - I'm just about to. Sheesh! Bossy!) Weight is tracking downwards - a bit slowly, but at least in the right direction. This morning I'm (just) in the 55s. I expect to improve on that by Monday. The No Wine rule is working a treat. Now I just need to add a No M & Ms rule....

Reminder to self: This week my countdown ticked over into double figures (eeeek!!), so there is NO time for stuffing around.


Raechelle said...

I exciting to be getting closer-I'm hitting the 12 mark this weekend-woohoo!

Kek said...

Yeah, me too (I think). Can't decide whether that's exciting or terrifying. LOL.

SeLiNa said...

LOL :)
Hey I get suicide thrashers next week, and I can't wait!
Am I stoopid? ;)

Kek said...

Yes, but you're also gorgeous, so you can get away with it.


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