Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just remembered...

A few posts back I briefly mentioned the ouchiness of my new weights program, then promptly got busy/fell asleep/couldn't be arsed/forgot all about it (choose your favourite pathetic excuse).

So, here it is, days later and I finally have an opportunity to whine about it.

These are tough workouts! This morning, whilst trying to sleep in, I turned over in bed at about 6:00am and YOW! I was instantly awake because everything hurt. My back, my shoulders, my arms, my chest...and my shins. Huh? I still can't figure out the shins. My glutes, hammies and calves have pretty much recovered because I tortured them way back on Tuesday.

Anyways, you know that a leg workout that ends in "Squat jumps x 30" is going to be REALLY ugly. I got to 20 before my knees buckled and I thought Bugger this! and went home. I thought that was a pretty good effort for my first go.

Likewise on the back/shoulders/tris workout that ends with "Tricep pushups to failure". Ooh - tricep pushups, says I, My favourites! (Yeah, that's sarcasm there, folks).

Chest and biceps had some nasty stuff in there too, but thankfully, I have amnesia about it, so at this point I'm completely unaffected by that particular trauma.


Take no notice of my griping, I actually love it.... Among other things, I'm working on improving my unassisted pullups, because at the moment, they suck. My mental dialogue goes something like this: Come ON, you don't even weigh that much - surely you can manage a few pullups? What are you, some kind of sissy-girl?

LOL -works for me....I get MAD and try harder. Is that nuts, or what?


Raechelle said...

Getting mad and trying harder is the best way to reach your goals! You go girl!

Kek said...

Yeah, but getting mad at YOURSELF and actually having a mental argument about it is not quite normal....


Raechelle said...

Well, it sounds normal to me-so I guess I'm nuts too-LOL!

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