Friday, July 25, 2008

M & Ms as therapy

Especially for Bonnie....

I was having thoughts of chocolate yesterday. Lots of chocolate. And a bit of a desperate longing for wine too. I was going to hang out till Sunday for my high-calorie day, but I was beginning to doubt that I could make it that long. I had that teetering on the edge of a binge feeling.

So when I woke up this morning, I decided that today needed to be my high-calorie day, including a treat meal. And we all know that a treat meal for me must include chocolate... :p

So, my meals so far have gone like this:

1) Fruity pancakes (no starch in these) with yoghurt and sugar free syrup
2) Post workout meal - high-protein muesli, Protein Crunch, banana, yoghurt, honey.
3) Tuna with zucchini and potato patty thingies (basically a use-up-whatever-veggies-are-left kind of deal), stuffed zucchini and salad. Huge. Tummy-bursting from all the fibre kind of huge.
4) Dark chocolate M & Ms. A lot more than planned. But it was just what I needed....

And coming up is:

5) Chicken, roasted veg (parsnip, capsicum, garlic, onion), asparagus
6) Tim Tam Cornetto

Of course I blew my carb ratio right out of the water, but calories actually came in under my planned 2100, so not a big deal.

Only the wine is missing. I actually walked into Liquorland after buying the M & Ms at Coles, with every intention of picking up a bottle of cheap sauv blanc, knowing damn well I'd end up drinking 75% of it. I wavered, reached out for the bottle, then pulled my arm back... reached out again, and then turned around and marched out. The girl behind the counter probably thought I was nuts, but so what? The devil on my shoulder lost that battle of wills!

I feel much calmer tonight and not at all guilty, so it was well worth it. And with all that glycogen on board, I should really kick arse with my workout in the morning. :o)


I was devastated to discover a sticker on the shelf at Coles stating that the dark choc M & Ms are a discontinued line. *sob* I thought about buying the entire stock, so I'd still be able to have them for a while, but decided that having 8 or 9 packs of one of my favourite treats in the house is probably not one of my more brilliant ideas.


Shauna said...

ahhh the magic of M&Ms... hang in there Kekster xx

Kek said...

LOL - as Homer Simpson might say: M & there anything they can't do?

ss2306 said...

Reading you loud and clear! I'm hanging out for tomorrow night and my M&M's. They're staring me in the face everytime I open the pantry. BTW, thanks for only introducing me to a little packet. Any bigger would have been dangerous. Nice work on being intuitive and listening to your body before it was too late. Thinking out loud now perhaps I should have had my treat tonight and carbed up also since Liz will be kicking my arse in RPM tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend.

Kek said...

Shelley, you SO need those M & Ms tonight. Don't you know they're compulsory pre-RPM nutrition?


Charlotte Orr said...

Good work on the wine - it's just a slippery slope from there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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