Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mmm, lunch!!

I'm having a day of trying new recipes today. I even made brekky AND lunch for Bike Boy. I'm being extra-nice to him because he's not well, poor love. :o( Aren't I a good wife?

I felt like a bit of spice for lunch, and came across a chicken taco recipe with home-made salsa somewhere. It wasn't quite right, from my perspective; too little spice and flavour. Perleeze! Mexican food without cumin? Whoever heard of such a thing? Plus, all that disgusting yellow oil in bought taco shells. *shudder*

So I used the recipe as inspiration and made up a better one. It was another fairly big calorie meal.... I'm loving today! Might have that Cornetto I've been saving for 3 or 4 weeks this afternoon....


ss2306 said...

You're goin' off!

Kek said...

Oh, I'm really cookin' today, Shelley, in more ways than one!!

Feeling G.R.E.A.T!!


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