Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More Q & A

Jacque asked a question too, re my food for a day pictorial below: Do you eat like this at work?? If so do you just make it all the night before and take in containers and re heat if needed?? The reason i ask is i struggle to re heat meat at work. something about microwaved chicken that isnt all the appealing. Any suggestions!!!

Yes, I do eat like this at work. I have infrequent days where I'm not well-organised and I just throw together whatever's handy, but mostly I do some preparation the night before. It makes my life a lot easier, PLUS it's not actually all that complicated.

First of all, I have a cupboard full of plastic containers in various sizes, and two cooler bags - one small and one larger one. The small one is usually adequate for lunch and two snacks, but if I'm going to need extra meals, or I have a lot of salads that take up more room than normal, I pull out the big "lunchbox".

The easiest way to go about this is to simply cook extra serves of whatever you're having for dinner. Eat one, pack one into a container in the fridge for lunch, and freeze any leftovers for future meals.

One thing I do regularly is have a chicken cookathon. We get a bulk tray of chicken breasts, which I divide up into individual portions. I freeze half in separate ziplock bags for quick meals when I need them. Then I fire up 'George' and cook the rest. One goes on a plate for my dinner or lunch or whatever I'm about to eat, and the rest go into a container in the fridge. Those 3 or 4 cooked chicken breast portions are the basis of many lunches....

If I'm cooking sweet potato, I do a whole one - one of those big orange ones. If we have rice, we make enough for a small army. Those things go into the fridge too. I cook whole bunches of asparagus and other veggies too. If I'm making a salad for dinner, I make double the amount and put some aside for lunch the next day (with dressings separate, of course). Our fridge always has supplies I can use to throw together a meal in minutes.

As for the reheating meat thing... I don't usually have a problem with it. Casseroles always reheat really well, so that's one solution. You can slice your cooked chicken and just have it cold in a salad (I'm quite happy to eat cold sweet potato too). But I find that if you slice up the meat and microwave it for a very short time, till it's just warm, it doesn't go tough and rubbery.

Today in the fridge I had:
- a small portion of cooked chicken (I ate the rest already)
- 1 and a half bunches of cooked asparagus
- half a bunch of cooked broccolini
- 100g of baked sweet potato
- many, many serves of the protein bars I made over the past couple of days
- a serve of tandoori chicken with rice
- a serve of apple pie oatmeal

Plus the usual yoghurt, salad veggies, other raw veggies, eggs, skim milk and some leftover ravioli I was eyeing off till The Middle Child snaffled it for his lunch. So no shortage of options for my meals today. And things are a bit lean - it's almost the end of our pay fortnight, so supplies are running low!

I did stop at the Indian grocery on my way back from training clients this afternoon, and picked up some besan flour.... KatieP has inspired me to have a go at a wheat-free pizza base. NOT using vanilla whey though..... :o)

Mmm, BBQ chicken pizza for dinner, methinks!

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