Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not crazy

Thanks for all the kind comments - and no, I wasn't fishing for compliments. I'm also not actually (very) demented. I don't think I'm fat. I know by any normal standards, I'm actually quite small, and that's all good. But when it comes to stepping on stage almost naked, one does not need any cellulite, wobbly bits or excess flab anywhere. The bar is a LOT higher in the competition world.

I know that if I follow the plan and eat and train right, the fat will disappear, so I'm not at all concerned. In fact, I'm so not concerned about it that I cooked my oats in coconut milk this morning, then served them up with banana, almonds, shredded coconut, yoghurt and syrup. Yum!


At Saturday's show, I saw some fantastic physiques. I also saw a few who really hadn't got the nutrition side of things right and were either still carrying too much fat, or had really overdone the dieting and had flat, sad-looking muscles. I don't want to be in either of those categories, but if I had to choose, I'd take a fat butt (with muscles) over skeletal and smooth any day.

Speaking of poor preparation, you hear some horror stories about figure girls existing on 800 Calories a day and being expected to do 2 hours of cardio. I just wonder how on earth you could expect to look or feel good following a punishing regime like that?

Nuh-uh, no thanks! I'm sticking with sanity and plenty of food. No going over to the Dark Side (dieting) for me. :o)


And on the subject of sane fat loss, the scales this morning have juuuust dipped into the 54s. After a big food day today, that may change, but woohoo! anyway....


Raechelle said...

I'm totally hearing you on all points Kek! When competing, it's just a whole different ball game-and most of us figure bloggers know what you're talking about-we are all fit by the norm-but that stage thing is completely different.
And I also totally agree with not wanting to cross to that dark side-that seems insane and completely opposite of the "healthy" image we all want to portray and immulate-and pass on!
So-I'm with you-lets do it right!

ms_attitude said...

Umm, I know you said you didn't want any compliments..but hell girl, you deserve them! You are looking fabulissssssimo!

ss2306 said...

You ate WHAT for breakfast! Nice one!

Yep - I'm with you. I'd be dead on 800 cals a day.

Hope you've had a fab day.

Nice work on the scales too.

Luv Shelley

SeLiNa said...

Wowsers, you're tiny!!! :) So for curiosity sake - how much scale weight/body fat have you lost since you started 'getting serious'? Do you have a goal weight for when you step on stage??

Kek said...

Since comp prep officially started 4 weeks ago, I'm only down a smidge over 2kg. I was mantaining at around 57. The difference in my clothes (and in the mirror) is huge though.

Goal weight...haven't even asked that question, to be honest. Let's see what happens and how I look. :p

Speaking of tiny.... *looks at Selina*

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