Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not that hard

Today was interesting. I'm trying out calorie cycling and it was a 1300-Calorie day - I thought it would be awful. It wasn't.

I spent a few minutes last night planning my meals in Calorie King, adding and subtracting ingredients and adjusting quantities to get the maximum bang for my calorie buck. This is the way my day panned out:

Breakfast: Oats, whey, skim milk, black coffee
Morning snack: 3 corn thins (the seedy ones - yum!) with a small can of tuna, plus cucumber, cup of green tea
Lunch: Chicken, baked sweet potato, broccoli and a pack of Steam Fresh veggies, cup of peppermint tea
Arvo snack #1: Banana pancake with peanut butter, green tea
Arvo snack #2: Another banana pancake with PB
Dinner: Chicken, baked potato, broccoli, carrots

6 meals, plenty of food, lots of fill-you-up veggies, and macros came out close enough to 40/40/20. Food wasn't terribly imaginative, but it was tasty enough and definitely filling. I was only a little hungry just before dinner. The rest of the day I was fine.

Back to 1500 tomorrow!


Thanks to my lovely sponsor for reminding me that L-glutamine helps with sugar cravings. Seems you actually have to TAKE it - just having it in the pantry doesn't work so well. Oopsies!


Kathryn said...

Those arvo snacks sound fantastic, must make another batch of pancakes myself I think :D

Debstar said...

My l-glutamine has been sitting on the bench right next to the sink. You'd think I'd remember to take it when it's right in front of me. I didn't know it reduced sugar cravings. Better start taking it again.

Debstar said...

One question for you. Do you track how many calories you use up during exercise and on average how many would that be?

SeLiNa said...

It does?? Well there you go...
Looks like I'll have to triple my dose, 2x day isn't doing it for me at the moment ;)

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