Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OMG, wazzgoingonhere?

I am sleep-deprived, stressed, exhausted and flat-out busy this week. Hence the lack of blogging. Oh, and my good old overuse injury has decided to add to the fun.

What's up, you ask? Well, apart from the house of our dreams having become the stuff of nightmares, our contract completion date looming with no sign of construction being finished and our rental lease about to run out, my husband's worrying health problems, and the fact that we're bleeding cash, I find myself unable to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Frankly, I feel a bit like poo on a stick. Huh, wonder why that is....?

But, amazingly, I am having no problems sticking to good nutrition, and training is going well. Fat is melting away and I'm focused and feeling good (apart from the constant low-level anxiety, which sucks a LOT).

So we may be living in a cardboard box in the local park from next month, but hey, as long as I know where my training gloves are, I'll cope. :o)

There's lots of other stuff going on, but my head is jammed so full of thoughts and ideas and Things I Must Do Right Now, that it may just explode. Assuming it stays in one piece, I might get to sort all that crap into some kind of order and then perhaps I'll post a sensible blog entry.

Meanwhile, this is all you get. Don't complain. At least it's spelled right.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kek, hope things come together for you soon. Take care, C

Vickie said...

we built 6 years ago. the build/house before that was 20 years ago. It is hard/ugly nearing the end - every time. HUGS - hopefully it will be over soon.

ss2306 said...

Take time out from blogging and everything else Kerryn and just focus on you and your family for now! A bit of R&R works wonders.

Luv Shelley

Unknown said...

Oh, Kek... I'm sorry you feel like poo on a stick (although that IS a funny visual)..

Good on you for plugging along. You will one day look back on all of this and it will be the past. Just gotta put your head down and keep going.

Big hugs!

SeLiNa said...

{{BIG HUG}}. I better be careful not to squash your skinny self :)
Hope you can come up for air soon.

Unknown said...

Building always seems to bring its share of anxiety. Its great that your nutrition and training is on track despite all the obstacles in your way. Hope things start looking up.

Carly said...

And you still find time to write me those helpful and insightful emails?! I think you might be Superwoman....

Debstar said...

I was wondering how the house was going. Now that I know I'll make sure not to bring up the subject again.
Hope everything resolves itself quickly. *hugs*

sparklingmerlot said...

When you find a comfortable cardboard box let me know. We are in the same position. Have to be out of here by 15th (already receiving mail addressed to the new owners!) and the builders are now telling us that it will be at least the middle of september. If that had told us that at the beginning I wouldn't have minded but they said mid august was doable.


I'm going to find a cardboard box close to the new place and suss out a personal trainer. That has to be good!

Anonymous said...

Kek - we are doing extentions at the moment and we are living in the house whilst it is getting done!! At least you are sticking to everything - I am losing it at the moment, but the end is so near.....
Take care,

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