Thursday, July 03, 2008

Perfect timing!

I just commented to Shelley that this seems to be freak-out week all around. I had my M & M incident last weekend, she's been having a major meltdown, and I've had at least 3 clients email me, chucking fits about losing the plot entirely on the nutrition or training front.

Then I clicked over onto Craig Harper's blog and found he'd written a great post, all about our self-imposed limitations, thanks to our beliefs about ourselves and/or certain situations. This bit of advice really struck home:

Here are five great questions to ask yourself about your beliefs:

1. What is my belief about this particular issue?
2. Where did that belief come from?
3. Does it empower me or limit me?
4. Is it based in logic or emotion?
5. Do I need to change it?

Now girls, this is what we need to do when we "feel" fat. Or when we "have to" have those choc-chip cookies we bought for the kids. Or just when we get an attack of the "I can'ts".

Go read the rest of the post. Craig's always worth a read. I'm sending this link to ALL my clients.


SeLiNa said...

Yeh, add me to that list :(
Best me go read what Mr H has to say

neca said...

Thanks - I had a meltdown weekend myself. I hate it when you're doing it right and the scale just refuses to budge!

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