Friday, July 11, 2008


I got busy and forgot to post the addendum to my tale of extreme strength of will in the presence of top-notch chocolate the other day.

There was one reason in particular that I wasn't fussed about getting one of everything right this very minute.... I had already planned a treat meal, and it involved peanut butter M & Ms. Yum! The kids had done some advance scouting and discovered them in a lolly shop that stocked US imports. Knowing my love of M & Ms and peanut butter, they couldn't wait to tell me about their find.

So I picked up one 45g bag and enjoyed every single delicious bite.

Max Brenner's? Meh.....who cares?


SeLiNa said...

Those 2 things together?! MMMmm when are they coming to Oz? Or best I don't know :)

Hey have tonnes of fun tomorrow!!! So wish I was down there with you again this year!!!
Take a kazillion pics again :)

Shar said...

are the M&M's in Melbourne!!!!
I neeeeed a bag!! let me know at the comp tomorrow and I'll hunt the shop down.

Shar x

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