Monday, July 14, 2008


It was a whirlwind weekend; lots of fun, but exhausting. There's so much to say, but I have a heap of work to get through tonight, before I get myself to bed super-early, so no time for long-winded posts.

The comp was great, but the highlight was meeting Liz, Shelley, KatieP, Shannon (and quite a few others) in person at last.

I'll get some photos from the comp up soon as I get a chance - I was a looong way away from the stage, so they're pretty ordinary, but I'll do what I can with them.


I got some photos from my posing session with Jo Rogers today. All I can see is my HUGE fat butt and thighs.... thank goodness I have almost 12 weeks to work on that before I have to reveal all in front of an audience. Definitely a big incentive to stick with my training and nutrition plan.

Speaking of which, my copy of Gourmet Nutrition arrived today. :o)


I have to have the obligatory "evil coach" whinge before I go: Liz made me do at least 7,000 chins on Saturday morning, and my abs have been completely useless ever since. This morning I sneezed and screamed out loud.

Ah, good times....


Chris H said...

OOOO I can totally relate to screaming when you sneeze right now! I dare not, it really does hurt too much! 2 abdominal surgeries in one day then a pulmonary embolism is no fun for sure. Looking forward to seeing your comp phots.

Shauna said...

aww you got to meet Liz! and she got to meet you! Hella jealous :)

PS love them plastic heels... saucy!!!!

KatieP said...

Feeling your pain in the abs - I've got it bad as well ;)

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