Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sponsor care package

Whoopee!! The postie came this morning, with a parcel of goodies generously provided by my sponsor. It was a very handy box of whey, L-glutamine and fish oil caps.

The bottles of L-glut even have customised labelling. Look:

The one on the left says: 180 caps of YOU CAN DO IT L-glutamine ....And the other: Kek's super-special L-glutamine capsules.

I've been hanging out for some more Sana vanilla whey....can't wait for brekkie tomorrow to have some in my porridge. :p


Jacque said...


All the food looks so yummy below,and its great that you take pics and show us a days worth of food. Do you eat like this at work?? If so do you just make it all the night before and take in containers and re heat if needed?? The reason i ask is i struggle to re heat meat at work. something about microwaved chicken that isnt all the appealing. Any suggestions!!!

Thanks in advance


Debstar said...

You can get it in capsule form!!! I've got powder and it's not pretty even in orange juice.

Kek said...

Deb, I never have a problem with the powder, I just mix it in water. Can't say the ones I've used have much taste at all. A few peopl seem to think it's nasty though, and capsules are one solution. Go order some from Sana Direct - I guarantee it's good stuff.

Jacque, yes I eat like this at work. Some days I'm lazy and just open a can of tuna and dump it on some veggies or salad, but mostly I do my food prep the night before. OK, I think that deserves a post....

Jacque said...

great kek, ill stay tuned. I also thinks its worth a post!!

Sara said...

OMG, I really should have written on those things more neatly. Thing is, I never actually printed labels for the capsules because they weren't in our range when I got the labels printed. Maybe the handwritten bottles will really take off. It could be our special thing.. my little motivational message on each bottle. ;)

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