Thursday, July 17, 2008


Seems my metabolism kicked things up a notch today, with the result that I was a hungry, hungry hippo all day. I could have happily hoovered up any food that came into my line of sight.

I ate breakfast, and an hour later, I was hungry. Had my snack early and half an hour later - hungry again. Scarfed down the tiny leftover portion of dark chocolate that was in my drawer. Hungry. I hung out till lunchtime, ate my chicken and sweet potato and massive pile of veggies and was still looking for food. Gah! 3 slightly stale corn thins were all that was left in my food drawer (must restock that!), but a hungry athlete can't be too picky, so down the hatch they went.

The rest of the day went likewise. Instead of my planned 1300 Calories, I devoured almost 1700, with carbs featuring a little more heavily than usual. That was my intuitive take on what I needed. I felt like my body was consuming masses of energy all day..... let's hope that I've become a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine.


SeLiNa said...

LOL! Love the pic ;)

LizN said...

perfect application of the 300, not 3000 calorie law :)
Love your work!

Raechelle said...

LOL-I totally refer to myself as the "hungry hippo" too!!!
and that is totally how I felt over the entire first week of my 12 week prep; just couldn't get enough food....I fully understand!

Kek said...

And the good news is: the scales dropped again this morning. Looks like my gut feeling (pun intended) was right!

Charlotte Orr said...

Good on you Kek.

Debstar said...

Man I hate those days. I never know whether to go with my body or tough it out.
Another drop in the scales...yay!

Michelle said...

Those days are so confusing. I learnt to head straight for the broccoli. Sometimes it takes an entire head of broccoli but at least it's not a bag of m&m's. I'm glad others have hungry hippo days too, that's so what I call them.

Sara said...

good effort Kek! Liz is sooo right. 300 cals is ok, 3000 is putting yourself back a week.
Very proud of you, remember to use the Glutamine, it does work and that's really good stuff I sent you (uh, not just saying that, some Glutamine is not good or contains filler, the stuff you have is good)

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