Friday, July 18, 2008


(Yes, I know that's not really a word) I was saying to someone yesterday, that I hear alarm bells ringing when someone asks me about how to lose weight, and in the next breath says "because I've already tried Weight Watchers, fitness DVDs, SureSlim, Lite n Easy, the latest celebrity fitness program.... and nothing worked".

*sigh* Any of those things would have worked (at least up to a point) if only the person had STUCK WITH IT. We humans are impatient creatures and if we don't see instant amazing results, we start looking for something new and improved that will take us from a size 18 to a 10 in ...oh.... 48 hours or so. *sigh* People, it takes TIME and PATIENCE. And you will fall down - but that doesn't matter, as long as you get back up and keep moving forward.

Looks like Craig Harper has been reading my mind (or was I reading his?), because part of today's post was all about that very subject. This is what he said:

Lesson for the Day - Perseverance.

Some of you have heard me talk about the fact that many gyms in Australia have an 'active membership' of about fifteen percent. In simple terms this means that for every one hundred current (paid up) members, eighty five of them haven't set foot in the gym in the last four weeks (for most, it's much longer). Have you ever wondered why gyms can sell memberships to way more people than their facility can actually accommodate? Because gym owners understand behavioural psychology, that's why. They know that the majority of people (new members) will make decisions that they will never follow through on (over the long term). They simply won't turn up. Once the initial rush of enthusiasm fades (and it always does), so too do the workouts for most people. It's what we humans do. It's a big part of why we fail. And a big part of our frustration. Time after time, we start things that we never finish. Great plans, good intentions... no commitment. When the going gets tough (or mildly uncomfortable)... we're gone. Great at starting... shit at actually getting the job done. We always find a way to quit. And then we find a way to rationalise our quitting. Again. And again. It's what we do. There's always next time.

If we really want to create forever change (whatever the goal is) then at some stage we need to realise that success often has very little to do with talent, skill, opportunity, resources, potential or even motivation (it comes and goes) and everything to do with finishing what we start. It's a simple but often overlooked success principle. Creating our best life ain't rocket science but we continue to find new and creative ways to waste our potential and make the process more complex than it needs to be. Plenty of talented people have spent their lives under-achieving because they never persevered. They almost achieved plenty.Don't be one of them.

Craig has lots more where that came from.


Debstar said...

I read that last night and thought that if that's the case then my gym must hate me. When I'm on fire I go twice a day but for the times when I'm not so enthuastic I go once a day, 5 days a week. I'm stingy, I must get my moneys worth.

Kek said...

I was always the same when I was paying for a gym membership, Deb. I decided that the more I went, the cheaper each visit was, and I'm a bit stingy too....


Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm stingy too.

Gabrielle said...

Sorry, but I'm going to disagree with you on the "they would have worked if they'd just stuck with it" point. While that is true with many people, there are also many exceptions, who would not succeed with those programs no matter how hard they tried. I’m talking about the genuine medical conditions that largely go unrecognised and prevent people from losing weight. It’s more common then you think.

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