Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's normal anyway?

Bodybuilders in general are treated rather like zoo animals - a bit interesting, but definitely in a "wow, what a weird creature" kind of way. For FEMALE bodybuilders, this is multiplied a billion times. People don't comprehend why we want to do that, and have all kinds of odd preconceived ideas about what a female bodybuilder looks like.... none of them flattering.

A lot of women competitors aim to soften the reaction, or perhaps just to separate themselves from the "hardcore" bodybuilders, by calling themselves something else. Oh, I don't do bodybuilding, it's actually body sculpting (no, it's actually semantics, Sweetie). I quite like Figure Athlete as a description myself.

Anyway, whatever you want to call us, we're apparently a weird lot and I pretty much don't talk about the sport to most people I know, because I'm just over the horrified facial expressions and the stoopid questions. Whatevs.

So, yesterday I spent the day in the company of trainers, coaches and athletes, learning all about the application of genetic profiling to nutrition and training protocols to maximise health, performance and physique goals. More about that later, I'm still processing all the information... I was in good company, with Lindy and Lia there, as well as some elite athletes (including a young 2012 Olympic hopeful).

It was only after I left that it occurred to me, that when conversation around the room had turned to training, nutrition and sport, NOBODY had batted an eyelid at the whole female bodybuilder thing. There were some intelligent questions about pre-comp nutrition and training, and plenty of interest, but none of the wide-eyed "you do WHAT?" kind of reaction I've gotten used to. I'm sure that having Lindy, a world champion figure athlete, amongst us helped. But I'm still marvelling at how it was all just conversations between athletes from a range of sporting backgrounds, comparing and contrasting the different methods used from one sport to another and the challenges we face. Normal. I felt NORMAL.

Huh. Not feeling like a freak for once. Another defining moment.


Anonymous said...

We're the normal ones, it's everybody else who are the FREAKS. LOL!! I've posted our picture over on my blog and also sent it to you, did you get it> ;o) xxx

Kek said...

Well, I know that...we just to convince the rest of the world.


Raechelle said...

Funny! Other people really don't get it when you actually like to go to the gym...Personally I don't get how a person can not like going to the gym and having a fit and fabulous bod! What's not to like about that?!

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