Friday, July 11, 2008

You big poser!

Yesterday I got to spend a couple of hours with Jo Rogers, who is fabulous, wonderful and entirely brilliant when it comes to teaching posing. So I spent the better part of that time wearing a pair of short-shorts, a crop top and ridiculous perspex platform "stripper shoes". Just to remind those who don't live in Melbourne - it's WINTER here. And the gym was FREEZING. At one point I glanced in the mirror and I swear I was a lovely shade of blue....

Anyway, Jo really did show me how to make the best of my assets and avoid showing my *ahem* flaws too obviously. I have a LOT of work to do.... among other things, I need to even up my hips, loosen my upper back, and try to make my flared ribs less obvious. Posing was a whole new experience in pain, made a lot worse for me by virtue of my extreme lack of flexibility in my thoracic spine, not to mention my still-crooked hips.

So I stood there, freezing and in agony and smiled like I was having a great time. Can't wait to see the photos. I think I've forgotten everything already.

I also settled on a fabric and colour for my bikini, and we had a discussion about decoration. I'm leaving it up to Jo, with strict instructions that it's not to be too "blingy". I'm a less is more kind of person. A bit of sparkle is nice, but crystal drops hanging off everywhere, or flashy starburst designs are just not me. Then it was time for a fitting to decide on the right cut and size. That's when I remembered that - oops - I have a waxing appointment this morning. Uh...perhaps I should have made that Wednesday? Oh well....

The weirdest thing was having my body not only assessed visually, but in a more hands-on way as well - I had my skin pinched and fat jiggled, and we discussed very matter-of-factly what surplus bits needed to be taped under my suit. And I didn't actually care in the slightest. The whole time, I was talking about my body in an objective way, as though it belonged to somebody else. And I didn't feel at all as though I was being criticised, I just appreciated the feedback.

I have come a long way.


I put on my shorts and heels last night and Bike Boy's jaw almost hit the floor. He couldn't believe what a difference the shoes made to my legs, or how much leaner they make me look overall. I think he might like it if I wore them round the house all the time... :p


Raechelle said...

LOL on Bike Boys reaction...I think all men are the same in the end!

ss2306 said...

Someone told me to look as dragqueenish as possible (but I LOVE bling) so have a go - add the bling! Nice toenails too!

Luv Shelley

Can't wait to mobilize your thoracic spine tomorrow!


Kek said...

They're not MY toenails though, the pic is just from Jo's site.

Tomorrow should be - uh - fun. Yeah...

Cherub said...

Hands on reminds me of getting assistance with first time breastfeeding... I certaininly lost ownership of my boobs that day.

SeLiNa said...

Ohh I bet Bike Boy liked those heels on you!!

Sara said...

Ok, ok.. not to be annoying or pushy (well, maybe a LITTLE pushy), didn't you promise pictures awhile back? Did I miss them?


Off to find some peanut butter m&ms now. *sigh*

Jocelyn said...

Kudos to you for even being able to stand upright in those shoes lol!

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