Saturday, August 09, 2008

Brain hibernation and nutters

This has been a full-on week in all respects; work, clients, dental and other appointments, kids needing to be driven here and there, AND training, meaning I had to be super-organised to fit everything in. By Thursday night I was seriously dragging my feet.

Getting up at 5:15am to train isn't my favourite thing, but I usually balance it out with a couple of later starts, normally on Tuesdays and Fridays. And if one of my office days coincides with a home workout, I get the bonus of a little extra sleep then too. Not this week... apart from Tuesday, when I got to sleep till 6:00am (And by the way: exactly when did I move to some alternate universe where 6:00am is a sleep-in?), I was facing 4 days of dragging myself out of my warm bed at stupid o'clock to train.

I managed extraordinarily well from Monday to Thursday, but by Thursday evening the thought of getting up that early the next morning was making me anxious and teary. Uh-oh.... sleep-deprived much? I was meant to train back and triceps, and follow that up with a 30-minute bike workout, and no matter how I looked at it, there was no other way to fit it into my day. That's when my brain creaked back into normal action (I swear it's been in hibernation for the winter) and I realised that I didn't HAVE to do both on Friday. I could do my cardio at home, meaning I'd get to sleep till 6:00, and then push my weights workout back to Saturday, doing it back-to-back with Saturday's cardio, when I had plenty of time at my disposal, thanks to a rare client-free day.

Perhaps if I work harder on the sleep thing, my cognitive function might actually improve and I wouldn't waste so much time and energy getting into a tizz over something that (duh!) has a simple solution.


Speaking of training, this week's schedule was packed full of Liz Nelson specials. Translation: completely crazy workouts that have everybody else at the gym sneaking furtive glances at you, wondering what on earth you're doing.

This week's treats included the psycho bike and leg complex - that one I got to do at home, so there were no witnesses to question my sanity - and today's effort was entitled Who's the nutter on the treadmill?

The fun involved 5-minute tready intervals, running, running faster, running uphill (ugh!), interspersed with walking lunges.... on the treadmill. Yeah, those were a challenge, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. I was using a treadmill in the front row of the cardio machines and I could feel the eyes boring into my back.

After finishing that part, I had the thrill of doing some Cathe-style firewalkers, alternating with slo-o-o-ow sumo squats (ouch!). Again, with the looks..... And the finale was a set of clams - if you've ever done Pilates, you'll know how those burn! I was making the ugly face, no question about that.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and I plan on taking full advantage of it. No training, no housework, and a bit of quality time with my beloved. We're off out for breakfast, followed by a movie. Boy, have I earned it!


Cherub said...

Enjoy your movie, you definitely deserve it.

Sara said...

days to go! Wooohoooo!

Andrea said...

Hi Kek,
Thanks for your best wishes on my blog. I think that I am starting to feel better now - I almost feel normal again - which is really nice.
Don't you just love Liz's killer combinations!

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