Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday snippets

The scales still aren't budging, but I'm not concerned. Seriously. No, I'm not. Am I not convincing you?

Nutrition is as tight as can be, I've hit the gym and given it 100% all week, water consumption is great, and I'm even doing OK on sleep. Short of grabbing the nearest sharp object and surgically removing the flab, I can't do more than that.


I think my posing is getting better. At the very least, I'm getting better at picking all the faults in other people's posing. LOL.

I'm sure my hamstrings and glutes are going to be on the small side, but my upper body is looking pretty good overall. And I do have good calves and biceps, so let's hope the judges are so mesmerised by those that they don't notice my defects. *snort*


My videoed routine and music CDs arrived in the mail today. Now I can add learning my routine to my list of stuff to do. Yay.


I made a decision on whether to let my hair grow for the next 7 weeks, so I could put it up for the show, or keep it shortish. After a discussion with my hairdresser, shortish won. Had it cut and coloured today and I feel a lot less frumpy.


I managed 7 - count 'em: 7 - close grip pullups yesterday. Sure, I had to take a short break after 4, then do another 3, but it's still a PB for me. :o) Even with mixed grip pullups on the assist machine I'm only adding 30 or 50 pounds (depending on which dodgy machine I use, and who knows if either is right?), and I'm cranking out a couple of sets of 10.

I'm impressing the hell out of myself, even if nobody else is gaping in awe.


Thanks to some hard and heavy leg training this week, Amy Bento's A-Team Bootcamp and a little delight Liz dreamed up, known as the Killer Figure Legs Workout, my butt is ACHING. Ouch.


Business is hotting up. Seems people are getting in before the spring rush, in an effort to get a head start on losing the winter jiggle. It's all good - I have space for a few more onliners, and even a couple of one-on-one spots at the moment.

Looks like Precision Nutrition is a hot item right now.... I'm gonna be busy!


Sara has booked her flights from New Zealand to come over and cheer/support/apply tan/bully me for my comps, Liz is planning a trip from BrisVegas, and now my friend Amanda is coming down from Canberra for a flying visit too. No pressure.... geez.


ss2306 said...

I'm impressed! - Damn, you're good girl cranking out those pull-up's. It's on my "to do" list and with Liz' help I know I'll get there.

Add me to the list too - I'm pretty sure I'll be comin' down with Liz to yell and scream at you on stage - can't wait.

Debstar said...

I'm sure you've heard about a plateau. Maybe muscle is building faster than fat is disappearing. Is there any fat left at all??

Good job on the pull-ups Kek, next challenge is to go for 10. I won't be at all surprised when you tell us you have done it.

Raechelle said...

You go girl with the pull ups! Very cool....a woman that can do any pull-ups at all is very impressive! Keep up the fab work!
And-I hear you on the scales...I think they will budge-I think they will, I think they will.......... Have a great weekend!

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