Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hypothetical question

Let's say you're prepping for a figure competition in... oh.... about 9 weeks' time. And your husband comes home late-ish on a Friday night from an interstate business trip, tired and a bit hungry, because the airlines have cut back on the food service.

So you settle down to watch a movie, and around 9:30pm he decides to ring for a pizza. With pepperoni. And mushrooms. And other yummy stuff. Which he then proceeds to eat whilst sitting next to you on the couch.

So, my question is: if his dead body was found with a 6-inch perspex platform stiletto sticking out of his chest, do you think any jury in the land would actually convict you?

I'm just asking.


Unknown said...

That is definitely justifiable homocide

Shar said...

I can't stop laughing Kek!!!
So Funny.

You'd be let off right? No-one in their right mind could convict long as your in Prep! They would surely undrstand. :)

Shar x

Raechelle said...

LMAO! You would definitley be allowed to walk on that one...of course you'd be safest with a jury full of figure gals!

Unknown said...

Get debstar on that jury- she'd understand!!

SeLiNa said...

HAHA!! Well it was self-defence, kinda :P

Jehanne said...

rofl, good one - I'm on the jury - you are safe babe!

Debstar said...

Can anyone actually prove it's your shoe, unless of course your foot is still in it. You could say the hooker did it.

Or, you could plead not guilty on the grounds that you were actually aiming for his mouth but you're so short that you missed.

Yeah, get me on that jury.

Gabrielle said...

"Some men just can't hold there cyanide"

Anonymous said...

no i rekon its self defence-protecting yourself from harming yourself (by enjoying pizza)and chances of looking faboo in the figure spotlight

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