Thursday, August 28, 2008

I really must be a slow learner

It's very difficult to think rationally through a bad case of carb-depleted brain fog. Today was really GRIM, in spite of being a higher calorie day, with a treat meal to look forward to as well. I felt awful - miserable, crabby, and just as though life really sucked. I put it down to having a not-so-good night's sleep. The headache I woke up with yesterday and today? Those I attributed to my tight trapezius.

I was sad, tired, and my day was a great big fun-suck. My sense of humour had exited, stage left and I had no idea where my happy place even was. As for my work performance - pfft! I may as well have not bothered turning up, for all the use I was. Thank goodness I didn't have to stand up and do a presentation at any meetings, because I'd have been hard-pressed to sound intelligent. Or coherent.

At lunchtime, I went out for a walk. It was cold, I had no energy and as I said to Liz, my effort was so pathetic that I swear snails were overtaking me. Around 4:00pm I suddenly realised what the problem was. It hadn't occurred to me that my glycogen might be getting low, because I'd been easily hitting 40% carbs all week. But most of that had been coming from veggies - starch was in short supply. Hmm.... Seems I don't do well on low-starch.

So then I was in a bit of a quandary - if a higher calorie/carb day wasn't enough to restore the balance, how the HELL was I going to get through another low cal day tomorrow? Should I drop the veggies to get more starch in? Or lower protein? Or do something else altogether?

Luckily coach raised herself from her sick bed and came to my rescue. The solution? Eat some carbs. Right now. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? Maybe because of my impaired mental capacity....

So, my home-made hamburger for dinner got shoved into a soy & linseed roll, and that was followed up with a big bowl of oats & whey. :p My tummy feels full for the first time in days and my emotional equilibrium appears to have returned from wherever it buggered off to.

AND I still have this to look forward to for my treat meal:

It's from Brown's Bakery and it's enticingly called a Chocolate Dream. Rich chocolate cake, with a ganache-filled centre.

I have to go now. Chocolate beckons.


Charlotte Orr said...

Glad you are feeling better. Cake looks yum! Enjoy!

carla said...

I lasted precisely one day going lowlowlowlow carb.
when I couldnt drive because my reaction time was so s-l-o-w I, too, went for the sugar ;)


Unknown said...

Ack, feel you on the carb depletedness - so glad that you're feeling better after the carb boost!

And MmMmmmm chocolate dream. *tries to take a bite out of the screen*. *fails*

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