Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet the Marshmallow

Today I'm off to meet Raina, who's visiting Melbourne. :o)

We're meeting at Melbourne Central and she's under strict instructions to rugby-tackle me and tie me down, if I so much as LOOK like going near Max Brenner's.


Shar said...

OMG KEK!! I've been trying to remember the name of it and thats it!!

I went in there twice sfter the All Females and me and hubby had the devine Fondue platter!!! IT WAS HEAVEN!!!

Shar x

Gabrielle said...

I hope the meeting goes well. I'm in Melbourne to, I'm almost tempted to go crash your meeting.

Kek said...

OK, so we did do a circuit of Max Brenner's, but neither of us bought anything, honest!

I left her outside Haigh's, waiting for the chocolate tour to begin. :p Mmm, perhaps I'll book myself on one of those as a post-comp treat...

Unknown said...

Would you believe it, the tour didn't take me to Max Brenner's - SHOCKING! Though I bought some to take home, and a couple to taste myself.

And then I enjoyed them so much that I went across the road to the other Max Brenner to buy another one, especially so that the storefolk at Melbourne Central wouldn't go "Uh... weren't you just in here?"

It was great to meet you, I had a lovely time walking around the city with you - thank you so much for coming so far out of your way to have a stroll PAST Max Brenners and Koko Black with me :-D

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