Friday, August 29, 2008

My secret weapon

So, last night, after my mini carb-fest and a bit of a veg-out on the couch, I was feeling - well, normal. Then I stripped off my hoodie and MAN! I had veins a-popping all over my arms! This morning my muscles look sensational, bigger and fuller - especially my legs.

I'm thinking Brown's could make a fortune selling their Chocolate Dream cakes to figure competitors as part of their comp-day nutrition plan. :o)

OK, the oats probably had something to do with it too....


Kathryn said...

That's a fine looking cake!

Anonymous said...

They look sooo good and I bet they taste good too Kek. :o) xxx

Kek said...

It was bloody divine! I may make those a regular the pants off a Tim Tam.

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