Sunday, August 31, 2008

The score

The Veggie Nazi (she knows who she is) inspired me to try some new things, and also challenged me to get a lot more veggies into my day, to make my body work that bit harder for its calories. Not that I normally skimp on the green stuff, but there's always room for improvement, especially when fat loss is a major goal.

So this is what I ate today:

Tomato, spinach, onion, capsicum, avocado, coriander leaves (breakfast), red cabbage, zucchini, carrot, asparagus, sweet potato, potato (lunch), celeriac, garlic, potato, broccoli, more carrots, more asparagus (dinner).

I make that 15 different kinds of veg - although if you want to get technical, tomato, capsicum and avocado are fruits....

Can anybody beat that?


carla said...

Um NO.

cab you send the VN my way?

BE my VN?!

all these questions.

Unknown said...


I'd try to beat that by adding in mushrooms and cauliflower, though I doubt that pile of vegetables would last a day in my house before being thrown into the bin. Bah! (Sounds like my family could do with some help from The Veggie Nazi!)

Michelle said...

mushrooms, capsicum, asparagus, spinach, parsley (breaky) snake beans, broccoli, sweet potato (meal 2) tomato, green beans, onion,garlic (meal 3), zucchini (meal 4) snow peas, leb cucumber, coriander, mint, cos lettuce, chilli, spring onions lemongrass, lime leaves (meal 5).

Sssh, don't tell the boss about the non-green ones!

K not Kay said...

Fabulous. But here is what I'd love to know: HOW do you do it? And no, this is not a "how" which is awe-struck or amazed or has its jaw on the floor or anything of the kind. It's a practical, efficient, busy "how" which wants to duplicate your success and learn. Don't say: "just chop/slice/shred the veg" and add it to your food.

The how wants to know: how does your grocery list look like? do you plan which and how many (and how much) veg you'll eat over the next week, or do you work with what you have in the house?

Most importantly, the how wants to know what happens with the veg, step by step, from the moment they leave the supermarket/market with you. Do they get dumped in the fidge and then scrambled for when you need them? Do they get cleaned, sorted, chopped, stored away in neat containers right after you get home? Do you do a veg washing & chopping session every morning/evening? The how will never ever believe you have the time to clean, peel, chop/slice/shred/whatever 6-10 different vegetables three times a day...

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