Sunday, August 31, 2008

That's what it's all about

I love it when one of my clients achieves a major goal. I had a young lady contact me a few months ago asking about online training. She wanted to lose a few kgs, and shape up, but her Big Dream goal was to complete the Perth City to Surf. That's a 14km run, and she wanted to RUN the entire distance, no walking allowed.

She had a few trials and tribulations along the way, and seriously lost her mojo for a couple of weeks following a holiday. She just couldn't seem to get it together, and only a month ago, I got a desperate email from her. I could feel her frustration and pain as she wrote:

I haven't managed to get back on track since coming back .....Yet again, I've started something and failed to finish it. There are only 4 weeks until City to Surf and am worried that I'm not going to be ready for it and pull out at the last minute again.

I often see people go through similar phases, and sadly, they often don't pull out of a slump, and slide back into old behaviours. They give up, and may find themselves stuck in a repeating cycle of starting and stopping exercise or weight loss programs, seeing no real progress.

Luckily, this particular story has a happy ending. I got my client to do a few practical things to get herself organised to begin training and eating well again, and I also told her this:

If you tell yourself that you can’t do it, chances are, you won’t. You have to start seeing yourself achieving the things you want. I had her begin doing some visualisation exercises, seeing herself lean and fit, seeing herself crossing that finish line with a smile on her face.

I gave her a pep talk, and a new program, putting most of the focus on getting her running up to speed, and she buckled down and did what was required. I watched her go from "I'm not ready" to "I know I can do this!" And today, she ran every step of that 14km, no walking, and crossed the finish line 5 minutes ahead of her goal time. She described the feeling as "bloody awesome!"

THAT'S what makes personal training such a great job.

Nice one, Kelly! I know you're proud of yourself, and so you should be.:o)


Shauna said...

Fanbloodytastic story! :) :) :) Well done Kelly!

Unknown said...

*sniff* That is SUCH an awesome story! YAY Kelly! :-D

Kathryn said...

Well done Kelly :D

What a great reminder that it doesn't matter if we falter along the way, so long as we keep going!

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