Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Food aside, my other current obsession is going well - That would be the mission to complete many, many unassisted pullups.

This morning, I walked into the gym with my scary face on, adjusted the bar on the nearest Smith machine (I've given up on the pullup station thingy - way too high for me!) and cranked out 4 ....then 3 .... then 2 more close-grip pullups. That adds up to 9 if my maths is correct.


It's always a good way to start a workout by beating your previous PB on something. The rest went well, and my spin session at home wasn't too bad either. Well, considering the pretty bad DOMS in my legs from yesterday. And the interruption caused by the postman knocking on the door halfway through to deliver some parcels.

Thanks to the Postman's badly timed visit though, I have some new supplements to play with, and some agave syrup, which is highly recommended by Charlotte and which tastes pretty damn good (It's not in Cal King, but I only dipped the tip of a finger in it - honest, Coach!). Who knew cacti were actually useful for anything?

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Charlotte Orr said...

Glad you like the syrup. Let me know if you need nutritional info and I'll send you what's on my bottle. Great work on the chin ups!

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