Saturday, September 27, 2008

1 week to go

I thought that at this point, I'd be a mess of nerves, panicking about every little thing, hardly sleeping and stressed to the max. Not so. I'm relaxed, I sleep like a log (and still no sign of the old comp nightmares), I'm pretty well organised, and I'm feeling confident that everything will come together.

Mind you, I have to put in some serious routine practice time this week. I know the moves, but not having a handy wall of mirrors in my house, I have no idea whether I look elegant and graceful, or completely dorky. I suspect completely dorky. This week after my training, I shall make a point of heading into the cardio room at the gym while it's unused and running through my routine there.

My other important task is to make some lists. What I need to do between now and next Saturday, plus what I need to take on the day. I figure if I write it all down, then Bike Boy can take over being my brain ....and once Sara gets here, she can help. :o)


Training today was excellent - it's been a bit of a mixed bag this week, but this morning I was firing on all cylinders. So chest and biceps got a good thrashing, then it was home to jump on the spin bike for some cardio, and to grab the stability ball for some core torture. Then posing practice.... I would have liked a nap after that, but had some preparatory work to do for one of my favourite clients, who's coming to see me Monday for a full Precision Nutrition and GeneElite makeover. I'm so excited for her.... :o)

My expected weight loss has been a bit stalled, but seems to be happening again now. Food has been enjoyable, creative and filling, so I'm not struggling there. And tonight I have my treat meal to look forward to:

Tandoori lamb, chicken sagwaala (you just knew I'd have that, didn't you Liz?), plenty of rice and a salad. And maybe a pappadum and a spoonful of raita. The only thing missing is a nice glass or three of wine with it, but I can hang out for a bit longer....

Now I'm off for a walk. Or maybe I'll go join Bike Boy, who's snoozing on the couch....

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