Thursday, September 18, 2008

16 days to go

I was in the newsagent today and browsed through the latest issue of Women's Health & Fitness. To my surprise, there was an article featuring interviews with 3 girls who are figure competitors, where they discussed their training and nutrition and the highs and lows of competing. The magazine is usually a bit too "fluffy" for any kind of bodybuilding story.

Of course, there was the obligatory box listing a "typical day's food" for a couple of the girls. I ran my eye over it and wasn't surprised to see chicken, chicken, more chicken, green veggies, protein shakes, and not much else.

I rolled my eyes and smiled to myself. 2 weeks and 2 days out from my comp, this is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oats, vanilla whey, skim milk
Snack: Blueberry buttermilk pancakes
Lunch: Chicken, baked potato, braised fennel, broccoli, spinach
Snack: Yoghurt, berries, Protein Crunch, Crunchola
Dinner: Omelette with feta, tomato, onion, mushrooms, basil and spinach
Snack (treat meal): Chocolate cake, sandwiched with dark chocolate, then warmed till all melty, with a dark choc/cream sauce poured over the top.

And weight is tracking downwards nicely, thanks. I saw 52 on the scale this morning. Also, my muscles? Those are really starting to POP. Every time I catch sight of my reflection, I get a shock at the sight of my arms.

So guess who I'd rather be: Me? Or the starved and carb-deprived magazine girlie? Mmm, tough decision.....


Kada said...

LOVE this post!

Charlotte Orr said...

Sounds like you are doing great Kek, well done!

Pip said...

You are almost making comp prep sound as it could at a pinch, (on the eating side) be a maintainable way to live! Awesome food variation!

Now what training do you do? Muscle groups, duration, intensity, how often etc? And how much cardio do you aim for? I realise the best formulation for everyone would be different but I'm just curious (up to you of course if you wanna share you're secret!)

Looking HOT HOT HOT there Kek!

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