Saturday, September 06, 2008

53.2 and dropping....

I've done a complete about-face from the messed-up emotional trainwreck I was a couple of weeks ago. I mean seriously, looking back, I was completely mental. But since my little carb-fest late last week (and the time off and extra sleep I allowed myself) I've gone ahead in leaps and bounds. Oh, and I threw in another Chocolate Dream as my treat meal this we went out for Thai food last weekend. Who says comp prep has to involve total deprivation?

All this week I've had energy to burn, I've felt calm and confident and there's been nary a glimpse of the usual 3:00pm nod-off-at-your-desk slump. Training is rocking, and I'm not starving at all - in fact, I'm trying some new recipes and enjoying my food. On top of all that, weight has dropped steadily, and OH MY LORD, I can see changes in my body almost from day to day! Last night, while doing posing practice, I kept stopping to admire the emerging muscles in my legs (I heart my spin bike soooooo much!).

And if I do feel a bit stressed, or sad, or have a momentary I can't do this thought, then I just slide my hand under my t-shirt and feel my abs. That always cheers me right up.

What? Everybody does that, don't they?


Anonymous said...

That's great news about the turn around Kek. It's the little changes that matter now and you will see them on a daily basis.

Have a fabulous weekend! :o)

Lia xxx

ss2306 said...

You're sounding in a great position 4 weeks out from comp Kerryn and I can't wait to see how smashing you look.

Of course everyone feels their bodies but in my case it's my boobs as my abs are no-one to be found just yet (lol). They're trying to creep through though so it's all good.

Unknown said...

Yay! Just from your tone in this post I can already feel how much more cool and calm (dare I say, 'zen'
?) you are about the whole thing.

And I wish I could slide my hand under my t-shirt and feel my abs, but all I feel is jiggle, bah! Instead, I look at the inside label and see something that's not a size 20-something. Hey, it'll do :-D

Pip said...

Hey Kek, great job on your week!

I've had energy to burn all week too, it's great hey! You are doing so well!!! Can't wait to see your final pics!

As for putting your hand up your shirt and feeling ABS, that is a far fetched dream of mine still but I'll get there! But feeling 'less' stomach rolls is encouraging for me and particularly the stage I'm at now where the size 16 and some jeans need hitched in with a belt (went in another notch today) but I'm still 'muffining' and too uncomfy to wear the 12s yet.

Keep up the great work, oh, so close!


LizN said...

Carbs rock don't they? And the way I do prep, you certainly need them to smash your workouts. Down with dieting I say!

Liz n

Unknown said...

You sound like you are doing great! I can't wait to see the photos.

And, yeah, I used to touch my abs all the time :o)

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