Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Choice: pizza or progress?

We went out last night to celebrate Bike Boy's birthday. We wanted to go somewhere local, and somewhere that would cater to the kids' tastes as well. So we ended up at..... a pizza place! Hmm, what does a figure competitor eat at a pizza place?

Well, I vetoed the pizza, but I studied the menu and found a chicken breast stuffed with spinach and camembert and served with an asparagus sauce. I ordered it with salad (no chips), and shared a small amount of the bruschetta that Bike Boy ordered for an entree. It worked out well - I drank mineral water and followed that up with a long black, and I actually left some of my chicken when I put my knife and fork down between bites and realised that I was feeling satisfied.

I passed on dessert, even though they had chocolate pizza on the menu. (Yes, chocolate pizza - it's actually a calzone stuffed with Nutella and strawberries. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!)

It was no hardship to sit amongst my pizza-eating family, because I was having something that was really enjoyable, and not like "diet" food at all. After all, DIET is a four-letter-word.

And this morning, the scales have dropped another 300g.



emharvie said...

Fabulous work! You rock!!!! I can pass on the pizza... but that chocolate pizza sounds devine.

Unknown said...

MmMmmm, that chicken breast sounded GOOD - and not unlike pizza where everyone wants a piece of what you've got, Hah!

And YAY, another 300g down :-D Golden results given how close the comp is, EEEEEEEEE!

Debstar said...

It's funny, if you eat healthy for long enough pizza really looks unappetising.

Well done on the weigh loss.

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