Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dammit!! I was EATING that!

Having Osler's Disease is not a big deal most of the time. I mean, there are plenty far, FAR worse conditions you can have. But I really hate it when I'm enjoying my breakfast of oats, vanilla whey, yoghurt and banana (with a little honey), and one of my more violent spontaneous nosebleeds decides to start without notice. Right into my bowl of porridge.

I was looking forward to those last few mouthfuls too.



Unknown said...

Oh nooooooes!

Raechelle said...

Total bummer!
Hope that doesn't happen too often!

ss2306 said...


I would have been completely pissed off too.

Anonymous said...

gross!!! poor thing! perhaps put a peg on it while you eat-hm breathing may be hard:) i have ulerative colitis so i understand how ISSUES can interrupt enjoyable moments-xcept for the bleed it sounded yum!:)Jewelxxxx

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