Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fail to plan.... and you know what happens

Bike Boy and I took a much-needed break from training, housework, kids, work and house-building worries, and spent the afternoon at the cinema. We used the gift vouchers that were the boys' joint Fathers' Day present to their Dad, and went Gold Class.

We saw Taken (which was pretty good, better than your average action film. The dead body count was fairly high though.....) Bike Boy had a beer and a glass of wine, while I had a mineral water and a coffee. And we ate lunch before going, then just shared an entree plate of wedges as a snack. I deliberately kept my carbs a little low in my early meals today, because I wanted to be able to have something while we were out, and I just knew the available choices would be high in carbs. It all balanced out pretty well in the end.

With a little planning, you can manage just about any situation, even when you're following a fat-loss nutrition plan. No need to be a hermit. :o)

Tomorrow night we'll be out for dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday, so that'll be another minor challenge for me. I'm up to it, no problem at all.

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AlleyCat Runs said...

Hi Kek - I really really love your attitude to & how you write so positively about food!!! It is refreshing to read.

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