Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fat feet

The past few weeks I've realised that my shoes are all a bit loose on me. I expected my rings to get loose, and I've not been able to wear them for a while now. So they're securely locked away in the bank's safe till I regain a bit of fat.

But who knew that when you lose weight, you lose it from your feet?


Unknown said...

I've gone down half a shoe size since starting Teh Weight Loss Thang - pisses my Mum off something awful, since she used to be the same size as me and would steal all my shoes :-D

It's incredible where flesh accumulates!

Michelle said...

I've noticed the same thing. My toes feel positively boney and uncomfortable!

Jacque said...

Hi kek

just wondering how you make your oats and pro / powder concoction?? Do you mix in then cook or after?? Also have you got a few different variations for us to try!!
Also i noticed you have three meals a day and generally two to three snacks. Do you ever eat more than this? How do you time your meals to pre and post work out say if your working out first thing in the morning??



Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, can't say I've noticed my feet, but my face always looks smaller when I lose weight. Would be interested to hear more about the results of your gene test if you feel like sharing (no hurry though).

Kek said...

Well, when I was very overweight, I was busy cursing the shoe manufacturers for changing the sizing of their shoes ....because I'd gone UP a size. Then, when I lost the excess weight, I reverted to my old size. Seems it wasn't the shoes. LOL.

But I honestly didn't think I had any extra fat left on my feet now.

Andrea said...

It's funny isn't it Kek, where you lose weight from!

Magda said...

I ended up using 2 heel grips in each shoe to keep them on. What a fantastic feeling that was!!


emharvie said...

Yep I have a whole new shoe wardrobe as well as a clothes wardrobe! I've lots between 0.5 and a full size on my feet... not something I expected but a great excuse to buy new shoes.

Kathryn said...

I definitely went down a shoe size and I had no fat on my feet - I could understand the width changing but not length.

ms_attitude said...

I remember the first time I did body for life, my dear husband proclaimed (about 5 weeks in)
my god, you're feet look thin...

(he hadn't noticed I'd dropped a dress size at that point.ggrrrr) ;-)

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