Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The final countdown

4 days to go, and while my head is full of things I need to do, I'm feeling good, almost relaxed actually. Like Charlotte, I'm happily ticking off all the "lasts" in terms of training: last leg workout was completed yesterday, and in a few minutes I'm heading off for my last back/shoulder/tri workout. (I'm trying not to think about cardio... that's going to be fairly ugly today.)

The obsessive list-making is in full swing. I have food planned, printed and stuck on the fridge, shopping lists, to-do lists, and I'll be putting together my own personal running sheets for Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Don't want to leave anything to chance!

Sara arrives tomorrow, and I'm more excited about that than anything at the moment. I just realised that it's over 2 years since we saw each other: Phat Camp, March 06, to be precise. Unfortunately, this week I'm not up for a foodie tour of Melbourne, darnit! But no doubt we'll make up for it after Sunday's comp. I'm thinking a trip to Koko Black might be in order. It's perfectly normal to have chocolate for dinner, right? ;o)


The Nestle diet desserts come in a twin pack, and while I enjoyed my treat yesterday, I really didn't want to have an extra one sitting in the fridge. I'm aiming for unprocessed and fairly simple food this week - I just don't have time or inclination for fussing around right now.

So Bike Boy valiantly disposed of it for me last night. He's not a huge fan of dark chocolate though, being more a caramel or white choc kind of guy. So here's how I made it more to his liking:

1. Spoon contents of tub into a serving bowl
2. Chop 2 or 3 segments of the Fathers' Day Toblerone that's still in the pantry, and scatter over the top
3. Add some nice thick cream
4. Grab a spoon!


Unknown said...

Eeeeeeeee 4 days!!!

How exciting! *does a little dance for you*

Kathryn said...

I'm going to have to try this dark choccie mousse. The regular ones are a bit unsatisifying.

Good luck for the weekend. Hoping to get along on Sunday and cheer - do you cheer at these things?

Kek said...

Oh yeah, there's plenty of cheering goes on. You can try to be heard over Shelley - good luck with that. :o)

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