Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I know, I KNOW!

Before I get a billion emails telling me that the links on my FitBodies website aren't working.... I'm aware of it. If you're on a Mac, no problemo. If you have a PC and are using Safari or a browser other than Internet Explorer, everything should work just fine. And if you're using IE with any version of Windows prior to Vista, then I think it should be OK.

It seems to be an issue with Windows Vista and IE not liking the Mac-based program thingie we've used to produce the pretty new site.

And since tech support has buggered off to Perth for a few days, it'll be a while before we can sort it out. So....apologies to anyone who can't access sections of the site in the meantime. :o(

If there's something you want info on and you can't get to the page on the website, feel free to email me.

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ms_attitude said...

Don't you just hate the MAC v PC thing? Why can't PC's just be intuitive? Oooh, that's right, would require superlative programming...
LOL, my favourite ads are the
Hello, I'm a Mac..and I'm a PC..!
They are so perfect.
AS you may well tell, at home we are MAC at work I am forced to struggle with PCs..ugggggg.

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