Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm building this body on chocolate souffles

Think I'm kidding? Nuh-uh! (Well, if you read my food blog, you KNOW I'm not kidding.)

Beats Herbalife or Sure Slim or any of that shite, that's for sure!


Unknown said...

You're looking fantastic Kerryn- all that hard work really shows. Good luck with the next week but by the sound of it you seem as though you are very much in control! I'm realy hoping to get to one of those comps and will try to get to say hi to you .

ss2306 said...

Chocoholic figure girl that's for sure!

I had your choc souffle thingy for breaky with banana, peanut butter, vanilla yoghurt and choc topping. It was soooooo good and fueled me just right for an awesome workout afterwards.

Tara said...

OMG I am drooling!! I have not had a chance to look through your food blog before and I am soooo glad that I finally have. You should publish a book with what u have in there. Maybe it could be a collaberative effort with some of the other girls and it should be called "A Figure Girl's Bible" and it could contain all sorts of stuff that we Need to know as figure girls!! What do u think?? ;o)

Ur pics look sensational too Kek, I cant wait to see pics of you all tanned up and on stage this weekend! Have a wonderful week.

Tara xx

Anonymous said...

you looking bangin' hot.

i can't wait for this weekend to cheer you on!


Pip said...

You are looking HOT HOT HOT!

Speaking of Herbalife I tentatively signed up as an agent when I was 22, (being young, naive and all and out to make big bucks). But when I read about how to lose weight one is supposed to have only 2 shakes and one meal a day about 50 plus vitamins a day on the ultimate plan, (and it read as a set plan for everyone, no account for training even) I couldn't get enthused and never even tried the products. I then met up with one of my leaders for the day. She was awesome, fun, positive, lost weight from the products but um still...........stopped every 20 mins for a ciggie.

I like the hard slog way the best!

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