Monday, September 08, 2008

Mission accomplished

I've made it to bedtime and have left no corpses in my wake. What's more, nutrition has remained right on-track. And I snuck in a nana nap this afternoon.

I'd call that success.


Kathryn said...

A nanna nap always helps :D

Tara said...

ahhh an nana nap, I was just thinking yesterday that I have not had one of those in yonks.

PMSL @ one of your previous posts about the Vegie Nazi haha i was just saying to my husband this morning that I need more variety in my daily intake.

Not long to go now!!

Tara xx

Unknown said...

Hi there!

When can we see some more pictures??

I'm so keen to see your progress!

ss2306 said...

High five !!

"Habits we train are habits we gain! Success is a habit!"

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