Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday update

Yuk. Mondays are my least favourite day of the week. I'm sure I'm not on my own there.... But they're always better when you get off to a good start. We went to bed nice and early last night, which made getting up at 5:00am to head to the gym quite a bit easier. So training is done and I can get on with my day.


Bike Boy did the Degani Kinglake ride yesterday - a 120km loop of fairly nasty hills. He was flying to Perth for a business trip this morning, and the idea of sitting in a plane for 4 hours after doing that ride really didn't thrill him. Getting up out of the seat at the other end would probably be an impossible feat. So he was up early too, to fit in a recovery ride on the spin bike before his taxi was due.


At the moment, my days feel like a series of ticking the boxes. Training - tick. Meals prepared - tick. Posing practice done - tick. Drink lots of water - tick. Run through my routine - tick. Get a walk in somewhere - tick. Take my supplements - tick. Run out and pick up a few more things on my comp list - tick. Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep - tick. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there some work has to be done, and I think I have a family....?


My shoulder/arm is not good. It's OK in the mornings, but by evening it's driving me crazy with pain. Wednesday's osteopath session can't come soon enough! I'm training OK though - since I always train early and it's not too bad at that time of day, I manage just fine, with some gentle stretching between sets.


I only have 3 days this week to get through at the office, then I'm on leave for two weeks. I'm very lucky that I have a job with lots of flexibility and a boss who never causes problems when I want time off. I plan on getting lots of extra sleep next week - comp prep is catching up with me and I'm feeling mucho tired lately.

At least the kids are on school holidays from today, so traffic will be lighter and I'm reprieved from doing the school run, finding money for bus fares, helping to locate lost homework and so on for the next couple of weeks. :o) It's almost like having a holiday myself!


Weight's sitting in the high 52s and I'm feeling pretty good. I won't mind regaining a little fat post-comp though - while I love my small size and my muscle definition, some parts of me are looking a bit sad. I know Bike Boy is looking forward to my having some more curves, and even The Baby says I'm too bony to cuddle at the moment. :o(


Better move it - I need to hit the road! My focus is razor-sharp, and I'm going to have a GREAT day! Yeah!

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I hope your appointment with the osteopath goes okay.

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