Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not NOW!

Apart from having infrequent odd moments of being, as Sara pointed out, completely mental, I'm maintaining my emotional equilibrium at the moment. I'm feeling fairly well-prepared, I'm happy with how my physique is coming along, and excitement is beginning to take over.

On the "oh crap!" front, my long-term overuse injury has once again flared up and is giving me hell. My right arm is painful, a bit numb, and next to useless for a lot of things, all the way from neck to fingers. Yesterday I developed some lovely stabbing pains in the back of my shoulder, which seriously ruined my bike cardio session, since I just couldn't find a position that didn't aggravate it.

So, early yesterday afternoon, I FINALLY called to make an appointment with my osteopath. And the receptionist informs me that she's leaving, and that it's her last day at the clinic. And of course, no, she can't fit me in. Aargh! I had the most brilliant osteopath, up until a few months ago, when she left. I tried a couple of others before finding this girl, and now she's leaving.

I know I'm a challenge, with my short leg, crooked hips, dodgy SIJ, tight hamstrings, stiff thoracic-everything and various issues with shoulders and neck, but seriously - am I THAT scary that they have to keep running away?

*sigh* I have an appointment with one of the other girls (who's far too tentative for my liking).... but not till Wednesday. I foresee lots of time spent with my heat pack, ice pack and many doses of paracetamol between now and then.

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