Friday, September 26, 2008

The old balancing act

Spring is really here. How do I know this? Because my email inbox is full of enquiries about online training and my phone hasn't stopped ringing either....

Which is all good, but I need to do some serious scheduling so that I still have time for ME. Balance.... hmm, something that a lot of personal trainers struggle with. *looks at Selina and Liz*

I have a few techniques I use to stay on top of things. This is one - it's stupidly simple, but it makes a big difference:

Take your diary (one of those day-to-a-page ones) and rule a vertical line down the middle of the page. The left-hand column is for appointments. Clients, personal stuff like hairdresser, physio, etc, business meetings like the accountant, suppliers, networking stuff, seminars - anything that's got to happen at a set time. This column is also for MY training, and guess what goes in first? :o) Everything else fits around my training times, those are not negotiable.

The right-hand column is for my to-do list. Reminders for phone calls I need to make, letters to send, bills to pay, shopping lists (not groceries, but pretty much everything else), client programs I need to write and so on.

And because I'm not only a list-maker, but a bit of a visual type too, I like to physically cross things OFF my list as I do them. It's always satisfying to get to the end of the day and see a nice long list of items, all with lines ruled through them.

Another thing I've learned to do - and I still struggle with this one at this time of year - is to rule a line at 7:30 or 8:00pm on weeknights, and around 3:00pm Saturdays. Those are my deadlines - after that, no more work for Kek! On Sundays - I aim not to work at all. Everyone needs a day off.

If I don't do these things, the lines get blurred between work and personal/family time. And/or I begin to go short on sleep. And that's when things always get ugly.

I don't always get it right, but hopefully I've learned from my past mistakes and won't find myself in a padded cell a few weeks down the track.


Jehanne said...

I like that - I might have to buy myself a diary and follow suit - cause I always end up with 101 little pieces of sticky note paper with lists on them, and I loose them and they get all mixed up... hehe

Charlotte Orr said...

I'm with Jehanne :-)

ss2306 said...

You sure you haven't been looking at my diary?

Although I don't have a line down the middle the LHS is for appointments, etc - RHS things to do and when they're done they get crossed off or ticked.

I think it's called "anal" Kek but I don't give a shit - it works for me!

Kek said...

LOL - Shelley, it's something I learned in my old bank manager days. It works for just about any job, and you have to include your personal "must-do" stuff as well, or it just doesn't happen.

I'm over running in a panic from one half-done thing to another.

Now to work on saying "no" more often....

SeLiNa said...

I really should start with getting a diary :P
I just know what time I start work and I'm in the studio till all the clients booked on the schedule are done - I know them off by heart - loyal clients I have, training same time/s every day/week!!
Then my note which I scribbled on the night before as I'm attempting to sleep comes out and that's the OTHER stuff that needs to be done. Still it is satisfying ticking off every client/job ain't it!! I can't leave till it's ticked off, even if it's not urgent.

LizN said...

Shelley is proud of me, I actually have a diary ;)

PS - I also have some sticky notes too!

little rene said...

I am a proud "anal" as well :)

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