Monday, September 29, 2008

Oops, I did it again

It turns out that in spite of eating masses of good food (and getting my chocolate souffles in every day), AND having a big treat meal the previous night, the old carb depletion thing snuck up on me again yesterday. I got Bike Boy to snap some progress pics first thing in the morning and couldn't believe how awful I looked. Flat, saggy (not to mention the grumpy face!) and just generally horrible. I did more pics later in the day, and those were better, but I still wasn't happy.

The clues were all there: I'd been getting mighty cranky in the afternoon and evening for several days and had just put it down to being tired. Or hungry. Or having an annoying family. LOL.

At 6:00pm yesterday, when dinner was still an hour away, and I was feeling really, really, cold, the penny dropped. So I ran through my mental carb-depletion checklist:

- Am I having severe carb/sugar cravings? Check!
- Is the air temperature fine, but I'm freezing my arse off anyway? Check!
- Do I have homicidal thoughts about anyone who so much as breathes too loudly? Check!
- Am I feeling exhausted and emotionally flat? Check!
- Does my physique look like crap? Check!
- Have the veins in my arms disappeared? Check!

This time I knew what to do.... no waiting for dinner, this needed urgent action! So I grabbed a bowl and tipped in muesli, some Crunch, yoghurt and honey and scoffed that. I also upped my rice portion with dinner. I felt better, but a couple of hours later was starving and feeling a bit crap again, so I added some raisin toast to my day's tally.

Of course, this morning there's a totally expected weight jump, but I'd far rather this happened at this point than later in the week. I'll be keeping things nice and tight the rest of the week, and should hopefully get through to the weekend without a major crash.

The plus side of a big carb-fest last night? I did look totally awesome at the gym this morning! :p

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