Monday, September 15, 2008


I am suffering. I have the worst leg DOMS I've had in a while, thanks to some nasty sprint intervals on Saturday, then a dose of P90X Core Synergistics yesterday (ouch! those lunge thingies huuuuuurt!).

So I was really thrilled when I woke up wincing in pain this morning to realise that today was LEGS DAY. I even grabbed my schedule when I got up at 5:00am to check I had it right, even though I'd already checked it yesterday. Just in case, you know, the words on the paper might have magically changed overnight. But nope, it still said: leg workout, followed by a tready run. *sigh*

I was extra-thrilled when I got to the gym to realise that I'd forgotten my water bottle. I really begrudge spending $2.50 on a piddly 600ml bottle of water, when I can get any amount I want free (well, OK not free exactly, but you know what I mean) out of the kitchen tap.

I got through training, pulling some pretty funny faces during my squat sets. And the run was more of a walk/run/walk/run, but I did it. There's no room for slacking off at this late stage!


My weight's been doing some odd stuff again, but is coming down nicely these past few days. And in spite of what number is showing on the scales on any given day, I can see more and more muscle definition, so I know that stubborn fat is melting away.

Let's hope my legs really start to show some changes this week, because....18 days to go. *blinks*


Michelle said...

For the last 3 weeks I've woken up on leg day and tried to tell myself it wasn't. I don't do my weights until the arvo so I then spend the rest of the day telling myself it's not leg day. For some reason when I get to the gym; it's still leg day. I'm sure you'll wake up any day now and your legs will be saying 'hello', mine finally showed up last week, phew.

ss2306 said...

You did better than I would have. I would have changed my training around despite what the schedule said. I'm wincing at a piddly 30 minute walk this arvo being sore and all.

Scales, snails - you'll win in the end!

Getting exciting now

Kek said...

Oh, the DOMS got worse as the day went on! It's easing off now, although my abs have joined the pain party. LOL.

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