Monday, September 08, 2008

Personality #17

Yesterday another of my multiple personalities took over. Not Inner Fat Girl, that's for sure (although she was whispering in my ear that I needed chocolate. Bugger that at this late stage - I told her to sod off.). And my Inner Athlete was nowhere to be found. THIS persona was.... hmm.... let's call her my Inner Irrational Psycho-Bitch.

I had been blaming lack of sleep, since I'd had a couple of disturbed nights and was feeling remarkably tired. But this morning, in spite of sticking to plan all weekend, I've got a major fluid thing going on and the scales have swung up by over 1kg. So now I'm thinking maybe it's hormones....

Whatever. Food is organised, training is done and now I just have to get through the day without killing anyone. *sigh* Onward!


Debstar said...

Damn those hormones from hell. It's doing my head in.

Just imagine the 2 of us together. People would be saying "It's them, quick run and hide". lol

I must be getting better, I'm smurking at my own special wit.

Sara said...

Unless you ate like 8000 calories yesterday,then, yes, it's definitely one of those funky fluid whatsits and you know it.
You'll be fine.

Unknown said...

A good goal to have Kerryn. Let us know if you achieved it!!!

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