Friday, September 12, 2008

Progress - at last!

So, the house has been at a standstill for weeks now. There's been stuff happening, but it's pretty much been fixing up things that were done wrong in the first place and we were getting nowhere. It's a long and tedious story and I won't bore you with the details, but a couple of weeks ago, Bike Boy emailed the big boss of the building company and complained and made sure to mention the phrase: Building Commission. And lo! Things are happening.

Of course, we're three or four months behind schedule, which was not exactly factored into our financial plans. Add that to the three-month delay in releasing the land and another two-month delay in getting the building permit, thanks to bureucracy (stupidity?), and we're actually 9 months behind the timeframe we were originally working to.

Anyway, we have been promised that things will be moving from now on, and I expect to see battalions of tradesmen in and out of the place over the next couple of weeks. The end result should see this:

transformed into this:

And this:

to this:

And this:

to this (and yes, we're hoping somebody comes along and adds a pool outside.... Hey, I can dream!):


to this:

I'll be watching closely - those tradies are going to be sick of the sight of me.


Andrea said...

Looks Niice...gotta love new houses.

Magda said...

Wow what a beautiful place you'll have Kek.


ss2306 said...

What an absolutely stunning house you are going to have.

Yep - think I'll be coming to stay with you soon.

Charlotte Orr said...


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