Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Q & A time

I've had a few questions over the past couple of weeks, but haven't had a chance to answer them. So while I'm taking a break from answering client emails, I thought I'd reply to one.

Jacque asked: Just wondering how you make your oats and pro / powder concoction?? Do you mix in then cook or after?? Also have you got a few different variations for us to try!!

Also i noticed you have three meals a day and generally two to three snacks. Do you ever eat more than this? How do you time your meals to pre and post work out say if your working out first thing in the morning??

Oats & whey: it varies, but usually I throw 40g of oats (about a loose half-cup) into a pot with one and a half cups of water, bring it to the boil and then turn the heat down and let it gently bubble till cooked. The secret to creamy oats is to stir often. Microwaving just doesn't cut it for me, and I'll never go back to it except in an emergency.

I tip it into a bowl, then add the whey and mix it well. Cooking the whey IN the oats is a bad idea. Unless you like cleaning cement out of your cookware. Once it's mixed, I add skim milk and/or whatever else I'm having with it. Some variations:

- Sliced banana, natural yoghurt, honey
- Grated apple (cook it with the oats), cinnamon, a little skim milk
- Berries, yoghurt, a sprinkling of chopped nuts
- For an indulgent change, you can cook the oats in coconut milk, then add banana or other fruit and some grated coconut, with a little syrup.

Those are just a few ideas. Go nuts!

As for meal timing, that varies depending on my day. My usual routine is to get up and train before my brain creaks into gear and starts asking me what on EARTH I'm doing? Since I often have to be up at 5:00am to fit in training, I'm not about to drag myself out of bed even earlier so I can have breakfast first. Besides, if I'm doing a hard cardio session first-up, I'd probably puke if I tried it straight after eating.

So if there's such a thing as a "normal" day, it would go more or less like this:

5:30-ish - Training
7:00 - Meal 1
10:00 - Meal 2
12:00 - Meal 3 (I can never wait....once the big hand hits the 12, it's lunch time in my mind!)
3:00 - Meal 4
6:00-7:00 Meal 5

If I have calories left over and I'm hungry, I may have an extra snack after dinner, or sometimes if dinner is going to be late, I'll add something small around 5:30.

If it's a day where I can sleep a bit later, I'll keep my meal timing the same, but will do my training at around 8:30. I don't fuss too much about pre- and post-workout meals and perfecting macronutrient ratios based on timing. You can get yourself all tied in knots about small things, when it's more important to just DO your training and EAT your food and THINK a lot less about it all.

Of course, there are some things you can do to tweak results, but I see a lot of people fretting about tiny little details when they haven't even got the big-picture stuff nailed yet.

Right, back to work.....


Jacque said...

Excellent kek!!

Thanks for the great tips and advice. I too agree about not fussing too much about pre and post workout stuff as it can do your head in if you think about it all too much

Thanks again Kek and good luck at in a few weeks. I may be coming to watch :)


Charlotte Orr said...

Great comment about the timing Kek. I agree it's so easy to sweat the small stuff

Loey said...


Wow... I *am* that person who fretting about meal timing and exact nutrient splits, when half the time I'm grabbing a sweet roll and calling it breakfast.

Quelle hypocrite...

Kek said...

Loey, that's perzacly what I mean... you're not alone there, that's for sure!

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