Saturday, September 20, 2008

Right on target

My weight dropped back into the 52s this morning, after yesterday's treat meal-induced minor spike. Nice start to the day.

Then someone at the gym told me I look "fantastic". Now THAT made my day!

Just for Sara, here's a (slightly fuzzy) bicep pose:

Hmm, must squeeze those babies harder. I know they're bigger than that...


SeLiNa said...

Whoo hoo!!!!!!! You're hot hot hot baby!!! That's a GREAT pic!!
Love those bis!!!!!! And your legs too!! I so so so so wish I could be there too :)

Tara said...

looking fantastic there Kerryn!!! You are gonna rock it on stage!

Tara xx

Kek said...

Thanks Grrrrls!

Selina - did you note the LJ padded crop top? When you no longer have it, ya gotta fake it! :o)

Tara, can't wait to see some pics of YOU next weekend!

Cherub said...

Even through my fuzzy post laser surgery eyes, you look fantastic.

ms_attitude said...

That's it... I TOO am going to get a spin bike (god I hate the bike trainer...)

Michelle said...

Looking good. I'm still struggling with my posing, but 2 weeks to go! Hips to the side, shoulder's wide... and all that! My boy is coming up with alternatives names for the poses. Triceps is 'pat the dog', chest- rock the baby. I've still gotta get my elbows higher for my bicep poses and those pretty hands.

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