Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Scales and reality

I was playing around with my various physique photos the other night, and pulled up some old shots from back in late March 2006. I thought it would be interesting to compare them to my recent progress pics, so here they are....

In the picture on the left, I'd just completed 12 weeks of a pretty gruelling diet. I ate mostly protein and veggies, with carbs restricted to one serve of oats, one piece of fruit and one serve of natural yoghurt each day. Man, I was sick of chicken by the end of those 12 weeks! I was also following a fairly heavy weights program, with cardio strictly limited to walking ONLY. Over that time I'd lost 10 or 11kg, and weighed in on this particular day at 50.8kg (about 112 pounds, for those who don't speak Metric).

The picture on the right was taken just over a week ago, 5 weeks out from my comp. This time I've gradually lost weight over a longer period, and have stuck pretty closely to 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat - with a wide variety of foods included, as anyone who reads this blog would know.

The differences are probably a bit subtle for most people to pick up, but I have quite a lot more muscle on me now, and there's a real difference in my legs and my formerly flat butt. Yes, it's still a bit small, but hey - I'm a work in progress!

So, take a guess at how much I weigh in photo B.....(scroll down for the answer, but go on - take a guess first!)

Photo A _____ Photo B

Answer: I was sitting at 54.4kg in Photo B....about 120 pounds. Funny thing, in spite of the 8-pound difference, the same clothes fit me now as fit me back then (except for being less baggy in the bum - hurrah!). And my measurements are within 1-2cm of where I was over 2 years ago. But this time, I think I look a lot better. My skin is tighter, my muscles are fuller and I don't look depleted and exhausted. Not to mention that I can run 5km easily, and get through a tough spin workout without dying. I hated the loss of my CV fitness, and will never EVER be convinced to do that "walk only" thing again!

I know I feel a lot better. And if anyone suggests to me in future that I should follow a diet that restricts me to chicken, (occasional) beef or tuna, oats, protein shakes, 4 fruits and about 7 or 8 veggies, I will run screaming from the room.

Life without pancakes just isn't worth living. :p


P.S. Thanks to Coach for proving to me that I had the right idea all along with my training and nutrition. I really should learn to trust my own judgement.


LizN said...

I just love these photos, love them to bits - thanks for the kudos, but you're the one that has done all the hard work (I've just grinned from a distance as you've tackled those classics such as "Who's that Nutter on the Treadmill?" LOL


Kathryn said...

You can really notice the muscle definition in that second pic. I dunno how you managed 12 weeks - I love chicken but if I had to live on it, I think I'd kill.

ss2306 said...

I tell you, it's esp! I just sent a client who is finishing up 12 weeks some photo posing suggestions and you were featured as your former depleted, exhausted self and I thought to myself how much better you look these days with lucious fuller muscles. We live and we learn (from the best) as we travel further along our journey - right? We're all a "work in progress".

Not long now - you keep going girlfriend.

Luv Shelley

Shauna said...

Can I just say i LOVE your hair in the second pic!

And it is really nice to hear that one CAN eat carbs and enjoy your food and look hot hot hot :) Well done you on all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

you look bangin' hot! i look forward to seeing your photos from the comp. x

Pip said...

I think you are 'turning the clock back' instead of moving it forward! You look um.............younger in the second pic in my opinion!!!

You are looking fabulous by the way, great tight looking strong lean muscle! You will compete well at figure!

Top work!

Unknown said...

Your hard work has well and truly paid off - the muscle definition is really obvious in the second photo.

Fan-freaking-tastic! :-D

Unknown said...

Wow! Some major changes there Kek. You can really see you've added some serious muscle, your legs in particular. You're going to look fab on stage!

Raechelle said...

Can definitely see the muscle development.
Can't imagine putting myself through what you did for the first pic-yeouch!

Isn't being healthy & fit wonderful?!

Unknown said...

tHANKS FOR THE PICS!!Whoops caps! You're looking awesome!


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